A couple pictures of my Ram when I first bought it...

My Ram My Ram

A series of pics of my Ram today...(Click each pic for next)


EGR Severe Service Brake Kit                                         1532.00

...Upgrades on the way:
6BTA Turbo Mount Vacuum Exhaust Brake2033135799.00
47RH(E) 230+ HP Torque Converter1030215LS650.00
Valve Body1030416350.00
Fuel Control PLate104019_300.00
14cm Waste Gated Turbine Housing1045920495.00
K & N High Flow Air Filter33-205676.48
Tranny Temp Guage103053359.95
Exhaust Temp Guage1030510176.65
Back Pressure Guage130030059.95
4" Exhaust system
Plug N Power795.00
Post Mount 3 Guage Holder1720172.00